Updated 2023 – Johanna – Great 3D Character Design


Johanna, a 3D Character Design Base mesh

This Female 3D model it’s ready to be used on any of your Games or Projects, its:

  • Low-Poly modeled
  • High Res Texturized
  • Rigged Body
  • Cartoon Style 3D Model Character

How will I get this 3D Model Character? What license do I get?

You will get a link to download this 3D Model Character. The file it’s a FBX file and textures.

You get a Standard License, you may use the 3D character model in any of your Projects and Games.

Why Character Modeling in Blender?

We always choose Blender as our Modeling Software because it’s an Open License Software and will help our clients in the future to make any changes they need without buying any software. When doing Character Modeling in Blender, you have all what you need in the Software!

What If I Need a Male 3D Character Design?

You can get this 3D Male Model, modeled with the same style it’s the perfect match for Roxanne!


This Game Ready 3D Model is Really Nice, But I Need a Customized Model, or Customized Clothing…

We are specialized in Stylized Low Poly character and in CGI Characters for Modeling, video animations and Projects. All our characters are always Texturized, Low Poly and with Rigged Body. You can ask us for:

  • Low Poly PC Ready Characters
  • Low Poly Mobile Ready Characters (These are more Optimized Models)
  • Cartoon Style Characters (From a cartoon pixel art style to Fortnite or any other Character Style)
  • Realistic Style Characters
  • CGI Characters
  • Face Rigging
  • A Specific Clothing on one of our purchased 3D Character Models

Just contact us and tell us what you need in our contact page!

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