Here is the fabulous Barry! Barry is a new cartoon character and he is load and ready to be used in all your projects! He is totally rigged, texturized and optimized and he is a low poly character and the best part is… He is stylized to see with a beautiful cartoon style! And is 100% done in Blender.

Barry is a awesome 3D Model and he can be used in games or apps for Mobile and Pc. Also, he can be used in any engine for games, like Unity, Unreal Engine and in softwares like Blender without any kind of problem!

And you can customize him, he is totally ready for you to create clothes and mach and adapt to any of your projects!

What does this Cartoon Character include?

  • An fabulous and new male character
  • A rigged cartoon character
  • A basemesh to cotumize to suit to your needs as you want!
  • A Game Ready 3D Model (All the body is rigged!)
  • A 3D model optimized and texturized
  • All of the textures can be edited and customize in any photo editor
  • A 3D Character Modeling in Blender
  • Plus, you can always contact us to get it customized!

Why do we do our character modeling in Blender? Blender is a safe program? Why is it important to know where I can customize my models?

Blender is a free and easily accessible software for all who wish to experiment with 3D modeling, we always work with Blender for our 3D Characters, as it’s Software that will help you to change things easier in your models.

And has many years of updates and fixes, Blender developers are always attentive to give their users the best experience. In addition, Blender is a software in which you can edit not only the 3d model but also modify the textures, UVs, Rigg and all the technical aspects that need to be adjusted for your projects.

Blender is an incredible tool to work whit and fits perfectly to work on any of our models, is always important to know in which programs and software we can use in order to be able both the model and the rigg to work properly.

What license do I get from this 3D Character?

You will get a link to download this 3D Model Character. The file’s an FBX file and textures are in PNG and JPG format.

You get a Standard License, you may use the 3D character model in any of your Projects and Games.

What if I Need a Female Character and a Female Base Mesh?

If you need a female cartoon character, you can check the Incredible Brianna! She is rigged and ready to be used and to match perfectly whit Barry.

All of our 3D Models are ready to be animated or cutimized for your projects. Be sure to check regularly our online store, every week we add new models, riggs and characters, ready to be used!

This 3D Cartoon Character is Really Nice, But I Need a Customized Model or Customized Clothing…

We are specialized in Stylized Low Poly characters and in CGI Characters for Modeling, video animations, and Projects. All our characters are always Texturized, Low Poly and with Rigged Body. You can ask us for:

  • Low Poly PC Ready Characters
  • Low Poly Mobile Ready Characters (These are more Optimized Models)
  • Cartoon Style Characters (From a cartoon pixel art style to Fortnite or any other Character Style)
  • Realistic Style Characters
  • CGI Characters
  • Face Rigging
  • A Specific Clothing on one of our purchased 3D Character Models

Just contact us and tell us what you need on our contact page!

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